Web3.0 + DAO




Plan introduce

The application of WEB3.0 is the most important part of the STONE project. All WEB3.0 applications are generated by many third-party developers, and then DAO members complete the work of review, voting, promotion, operation, etc. All these actions are done with "ST" token and its excellent economic model, and the DAO contributors are rewarded by the size of the contribution...Detail


Everything On Chain

STONE's philosophy is to create real and valuable applications for users. Reject any project that is a zero-sum game. This is the foundation of long-term development...

web3 factory

We will invite individual blockchain developers from all over the world to build the WEB3 project together. Provides various applications. . .

Safety & agility

Each contract introduces secure administrative control permissions to avoid hacker intrusion. And STONE has a very high flexibility DAO development...

DAO rules

Members of the DAO will be rewarded with a solid STONE through permission and voting systems and accountability mechanisms.

rich ecology

Developers can connect projects on different chains to Stone's ecosystem to serve users...ENTER

economic model

Investors will buy "ST" token to pay for various applications of web3, which is the best growth logic...

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